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The last three months have presented us with a glimpse of a world we could not have foreseen. The situation is affecting our economy and our lifestyle in every way. Suddenly we have found ourselves in comfy clothes everyday and not spending money on clothing and fashion accessories as we try to be more budget-conscious. But there are certain things that can make you feel better and positively impact the lives of those who are in a worse-off position around us.

Dress for work; dress for a positive day!

Dressing up every morning even though we’re working from home can help life our spirits and make us feel better about ourselves. It also brings a sense of normalcy to the day and can contribute to you feeling more productive amidst all the distractions that come your way while working from home. It also helps you put forth a consistent image on video calls that matches with one you typically would present in the office – doesn’t matter what your dress code is!

Take the time to clean your closet

It’s that time of year for spring cleaning, so why not take the opportunity to be a little more thorough around your home. Tackle your closets and be more mindful of what items you can finally let go. Social distancing has given us all a little more time to think, so use some of that time to face the tough questions on why certain items continue to linger in your closet. Consider donating the items you remove from your closet as it can help those less fortunate in our communities.

Support small businesses

Businesses of all sizes are struggling through this crisis. Consumers have stopped spending; storefronts are closed; and supply chains are impacted. Small businesses in particular have been meaningfully impacted; these are our neighbours, friends and family. While we should be budget-conscious through times like this, we should also consider how we may be able to help small businesses through the crisis. Maybe its spreading the word through social media about small businesses you like or perhaps you’re able to spend a little to show them you care.

The future is sustainable fashion

Spending so much time in our homes has allowed us the opportunity to consider how we consume and what we consume. We have found that we can do more with less; that broken things can be fixed; and that what matters is quality and not quantity. Sustainable fashion will continue to grow. It won’t just be a trend; it’ll be an expectation and more consumers will pick sustainable or ethical fashion over fast fashion. Some have thought sustainable fashion to be more expensive or to be less fashionable. There are many small businesses who are offering trendy and classic sustainably-made fashion at a reasonable price tag. The options and availability is there and growing, allowing for consumers to vote for a better approach with their money.

A little effort can help you feel a bit better everyday in this “new normal” life!

Covid 19 – What we are learning out of it! #covid19 #coronavirus #lifestyle #Socialdistancing #FlattenTheCurve


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Could we have foreseen this pandemic a few months ago and how the entire world would have to adjust to live through it? Just a few months ago, some of us were planning a vacation; some were considering buying a home; some waiting for summer to have outdoor fun with friends and family; and some just working hard to better their lives and those of their loved ones — all of which was in control for many of us.

Do we have a complete grip on the situation now? NO! But the lessons we are learning are beneficial for us all. The past three months have taught us the real meaning of life – the value of relationships, the privilege of having a roof over one’s head and the food on our table.

Social distancing has brought people closer together who were living under one roof, but didn’t have time to spend with each other. It encouraged us to engage more with friends and family afar using free technology. Even though many of us are working full-time from home, couples now spend more time together and instead of being in daycares, schools or with nannies, children are at home spending time with their parents a lot more. This of course, has come with its own challenges – several adults working in very small living spaces; trying to homeschool kids and work at the same time; and checking in on loved ones has not been easy. Even still, those people are more fortunate than many who have lost their jobs or seen a reduction in income as a result of this.

During social distancing, after work hours are not for clubbing, going to restaurants, bars or movies. Instead we have found ways to spend this precious time at home with various crafts, trying new recipes, cleaning our homes and wardrobes, playing board games, movies with popcorns, daily exercises and more. Unconsciously, every day we are practicing patience, tolerance, work-life balance, and most of all discipline. We started appreciating the taste of home-cooked food, the company of our loved ones, a clean environment and looking for happiness in the little things.

The pandemic is still not over. There are people who are alone in this crisis, battling loneliness and anxiety. There are those suffering from mental illnesses, that continue to struggle with it on a daily basis with all the negativity around them. Still, there must be parents who find it difficult to entertain their children.

This pandemic is a lesson for all of us that sometimes we can’t control everything that is happening around us or what is in store for the future. Sooner or later we will find the vaccine to combat the virus but the world in which we live in now, will continue to face devastating disasters because of climate change and global instability.

There will be a world after Covid-19 and our learnings from now will help us to live that “new normal”. We are getting a barrage of messages – from retail stores to airlines to banks to food delivery apps, all titled “An Important Message from our Community”. Even though we are social distancing and self-isolating, there is a strong sense of community. We’re not alone; we are all in this together. Unfortunately, we are taking a very tough route via this virus to learn to live this “new normal”.

How to be sustainable with fast fashion #sustainablefashion #fashion #accessories #ethicalfashion #fastfashion #slowfashion


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The textile industry emits 1.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually. 20,000 litres of water is needs to produce a kilogram of cotton to make a pair of jeans or a t-shirt. This is our reality accordingly to the World Wildlife Fund. Materials like cotton can be found in nearly half of all clothes. Synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon are also found in close to 75% of garments. The production process from farming to dyeing and manufacturing consumes a lot of water, pesticides and energy.

How can we reduce our fashion footprint that is contributing to these stats?

If you’re new to shopping sustainably or feel that sustainable or ethical fashion is out of your budget, here are our tips on how to take baby steps towards being more sustainable with fast fashion and where to look for affordable sustainable fashion.

  1. Buy timeless pieces or pieces true to your style. Spend your money on the items you know you will wear for years to come; which won’t go out of style and which match your personal style. This way, you’re more likely to keep an item in your wardrobe. Trendy fast fashion items may be cheap to purchase but you may not want to wear it once the trend has passed. To reduce your fashion footprint, shop with a long term view in mind.
  1. Buy higher quality fabrics / materials and construction. When shopping, feel the fabric of items – does it feel rough? Flimsy? Do the colours look like they will fade after one wash? If shopping for fashion jewellery, consider the beads and facets used as well as the quality of the metal. Also consider the construction of the item. Is it made well? Does the cut of the garment suit you? Does the jewellery sit well on you? Focusing on materials and construction can help you avoid buying items that may not last long in your closet.
  1. Buy items made sustainably or using recycled materials. Many stores and online shops are carrying items that are made sustainably, for example, by using less water or natural dyes. There are also more items available, which are made using recycled materials like polyester, recycled metals and so on. These items don’t necessarily come at a price premium!
  1. Take care of your items to extend their life. Follow the label instructions on how to care for your garments. Avoid getting perfumes and water on fashion jewellery so as to not let it tarnish. Store your garments and accessories properly. A few little actions everyday can help extend the life of your fast fashion items.
  1. Our last tip is to shop online for affordable sustainable fashion. Websites like Etsy as well as many small retailers carry ethically made and sustainable fashion that is surprisingly affordable, including us! Check out our ethical and sustainable fashion accessories at

How to Accessorize Without Excessorizing #fashion #ethicalfashion #fashionaccessories #styling #Spring/Summer2020


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The right mix and balance of accessories completes the outfit. Accessories like jewellery, scarves, belts and handbags can alter the appearance of your look or outfit if used correctly.

Over-accessorizing can take away from your outfit, making it look less balanced and ultimately less attractive. Layering too many necklaces; wearing multiple bold jewellery pieces at the same time; wearing accessories that don’t match with your outfit; or prints that clash with your outfit can distract from your overall look.

So what’s the first step? Assess the style  of your outfit. Pay attention to the cut and pattern of your outfit. A casual or simple outfit can benefit from a bold necklace. For an outfit with a bold design or pattern, opt for bold earrings or various simple accessories, like stud earrings and a chain necklace. Printed scarves can be coordinated with solid coloured outfits to add a pop of colour and design. If you want to mix and match prints, start with prints in the same colour tones.

Never wear multiple bold accessories at the same time – it just doesn’t work! If you want to wear multiple accessories, keep it simple. Select one item for each area of the body.

Balance is the key to accessories. Used correctly, jewellery and scarves can accentuate any outfit!

Winter styling with fashion accessories #fashion #winterfashion #styling #fashionaccessories #jewellery


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By the time the peek of winter rolls around, it can be hard to keep the creative juices flowing on how to look stylish with winter clothing every day. The novelty of layering can wear off and you start to long for Spring in February.

Fashion accessories can play a role in tying your outfits together through the winter, making you look and feel not so blah.

Our favourite jewellery to wear in the winter are necklaces and earrings.

Depending on where you live, winter wardrobes can be typically full of sweaters (roll necks, v-becks, crew necks) and higher neckline blouses. The necklace style that best compliments your look depends on your neckline.

A buttoned up collar shirt can be complimented by a long necklace.


With a v-neck sweater, consider a shorter necklace around your clavicle.


Earrings can add a great pop to an outfit and is visible even after all your layers are on!

Use your accessories this winter and add some life to your outfits!

Fashion jewelry trends for 2020 #fashion #ethicalfashion #fashiontrends #jewellery #fashionjewelry


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These are the fashion jewelry trends we’ll be seeing everywhere this Spring/Summer. Many trends are carrying forward from previous years so not many surprises here.

Hoop Earrings

Here again for yet another season – hoop earrings are not going anywhere. These earrings are available in a variety of designs from simple gold or silver hoops to those with embellishments of patterns and pearls. They’re perfect to spice up any outfit, day or night. Wear hoops with your hair behind your ears, in a ponytail or a bun!


Sustainable Fashion

Though this shouldn’t be a trend, rather a way of life for all of us, sustainable fashion will be getting more of the limelight than ever before. We will be seeing clothing and jewelry made using recycled materials; and more ethical and sustainable practices being employed in manufacturing clothes and accessories.

Learn about how we’re committed to sustainable and ethical fashion:



Back again for another season – the chokers are on repeat. The trend made a comeback from the 90s a few years ago and continues to push forward. Every year though, chokers and collars see a slight update. Designs now compliment any look from casual to more sophisticated pieces; pieces range from delicate multi-layer chains to more chunky or tribal-inspired necklaces.


Layered Necklaces

We’re not quite ready to tuck away our minimalist pieces. Rather, we will want to layer them this season. The multi-chain or layered necklace look can easily transition through the day, making an impact in its own right. Opt for long chains which can be worn wrapped around; layered necklaces or a multi-strand beaded necklace to finish off your look this season.


Glam Tassels

Rhinestones in long dangling earrings have been trending for many years. This season’s twist on this includes beaded long tassel style earrings, which will most certainly elevate your outfit.


Tortoiseshell Designs

This trend comes in playful shapes, styles and sizes that are easy to incorporate. You’ll want to pair these pieces with all your spring/summer neutrals this year.



Another fun trend which continues into this season is Lucite. This see-through trend has many variations, from extra bright colors to gold accents. Try incorporating some lucite earrings into your day look or for a night outfit.


Statement Jewellery

Large statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings will be adorning outfits this coming season. The designs are bold and fearless, offsetting more simple outfit silhouettes that almost acted as blank canvases for ornate modern takes on jewellery. For this season, more is more!

Tips for achieving your goals this year #goals #motivation #achivements #success


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Breakdown your ‘big’ goals into more actionable tasks

We should be setting big goals for ourselves but big goals can sometimes feel daunting if you don’t have a plan to get achieve it. We may not always know how we will achieve a goal, but we often know that the next step or next few steps ought to be. Breaking down your ‘big’ goal into more actionable tasks that are part of a plan helps you start to build a road-map to success. A few actionable steps will lead to a few more, which should help you get closer to achieving your big goal.

Make lists, write things down

Put these goals, actionable tasks along with any other tasks on to-do lists. Describing your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success. Research has shown that people are more likely to achieve their goals compared to people who don’t write down their goals. Writing helps you remember things better and you are able to review your goals more frequently.

Review your actionable tasks and progress towards your big goals on a daily basis

Now that you’ve written things down, try to review your lists every single day. You will remember your goals and tasks much better or are more likely to act on your tasks if you’re staring at a visual cue every day. Try to do it at the start of your day so you’ve got it fresh in your mind.

Cut yourself some slack

We all have good days and bad days. Cut yourself some slack on the bad days if you’ve taken you eye off your goals and instead, recap on the successes, even the small ones. Recounting wins helps motivate us to keep pushing forward.

The Future of Retail is Now #fashion #retailshopping #onlinespending


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The decade kicked off with over 1,200 store closures being announced by the likes of Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Papyrus, Express and Pier 1 Imports. Following 2019, which saw over 9,000 store closures from the likes of Payless ShoeSource, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Charming Charlie, should come as no surprise. It is common to see closures following a dismal holiday shopping season but analysts predict we’re in for more store closures in 2020.

Shoppers are increasingly turning to their computer or smartphone to shop instead. A larger selection at their fingertips along with the ability to quickly price-compare is further encouraging spending online. Even the biggest of department stores are finding it hard to stay afloat, though for the longest time, they touted their large offerings as their key differentiator. Even when drawing shoppers into their stores, department stores had to put 74% of their merchandise on sale in 2019, on average!

Still, it’s not all doom and gloom for brick-and-mortar retail. Physical stores who are able to succeed will do so by further gearing the shopping experience to each customer and offering innovative products. Many stores who offer online & physical stores tend to do better than physical stores alone.

Digital retail will continue to grow as part of total consumer spending in 2020. The increasing variety of brands, products and innovations allows shoppers to have the world literally at their fingertips.

Our predictions:

  • Online spending will continue to increase as proportion of total spending by consumers
  • Shoppers will turn to both large and small retailers online to find unique products
  • Stores with both physical and brick-and-mortar will have a better shot to a successful year versus those with physical stores only.

New Year’s Fashion Resolutions for a Sustainable & Ethical Closet #fashion #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #newyearsresolutions #environment #recycled


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We can all get caught up in the post-holiday sales season and often accumulate things we could do without. Maybe we’ve picked up something that doesn’t match our style but we want to ‘try’ out a new trend. Perhaps the fabric of an item wasn’t so great but the price was too good. Whatever the reason, the first step is to recognize that we sometimes buy on auto-pilot.

How can we stop ourselves from operating on auto-pilot and living more sustainably, more ethically and / or more aware when it comes to our shopping habits? It’s all about making small changes and continuing to learn and improve day-by-day, no matter where you shop (it’s not just about ethical fashion but we’ll talk about that!)

Here are some goals you could incorporate into your new year’s fashion resolutions for a more conscious 2020.

1. Buy pieces you’ll see yourself wearing for many years

Whatever your budget, try to find the highest-quality items you can. Only add pieces to your wardrobe that match your style and that you feel you will wear on repeat. Think about how many different ways you can wear or pair the item. Also consider if it is an item for special occasions only or an item you can dress up and dress down. The more wear you can get out of an item, the better (for both the environment, and your wallet).

2. Take care of your clothes and jewellery

Too often we don’t treat our fashion items appropriately. Just because an item is from a high street store, does not mean it can’t last you for many years if it is made well and you care for it properly. Consider how you launder your items; hang them or fold them away; and how you are treating stains. Keep costume jewellery away from perfume, hairsprays, and water. Store your jewellery properly in containers. Simple actions can extend the life of your fashion pieces for many many years.

3. Learn to repair your items

If you are buying high quality items and taking care of them properly, sometimes things happen. We see treads coming loose; buttons are missing; or jewellery pieces are missing a link. Sometimes we take it to a tailor to repair but many times we forget or can’t be bothered and might want to get rid of the item. Simple repairs can easily be done at home with a sewing kit. Buttons can be switched out of clothes to give them new life. Jewellery links and beads can be found at craft stores along with the right tools to get the job done. A little creativity can go a long way in saving your pieces.

4. Shop ethical pieces

There are more ethically-made fashion options today than ever before. Many small and mid-size online retailers are carrying ethically-made items in all fashion categories, from clothes to bags and jewellery. Put your money towards buying high quality ethically-made pieces, which benefit those who made it with fair wages, better working conditions and a hope for the future. What’s better than wearing something that has a story to tell?

Did you know we carry ethically made jewellery and fashion accessories?

5. Donate unwanted fashion and accessories to organizations who can use them

Finally, if something is really not working in your wardrobe and you’ve made all the attempts you can to incorporate it into your outfits, then donate your unwanted fashion and accessories to organizations who can use them! Never throw clothing out in the garbage as it will only end up in a landfill!

What are some fashion-related actions you’re taking to live a more conscious lifestyle?

Trend Series: Statement Earrings Still Making an Impact #fashion #trends2019 #earrings #accessories #fashionjewellery


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Statement earrings are bigger, bolder and better than ever. They can update an outfit instantly; can add drama, texture and colour; and they just look so good in selfies! This season’s earrings are bold; have extreme proportions; are geometric and architectural; and transform classics into modern day trends.

We saw some inspiration on the runway for the S/S 2019 shows by the likes of Hellessy, Zimmermann, Jonathan Simkhai, Naeem Khan, Oscar De La Renta, Rodarte, Ulla Johnson, Cushnie and 3 1 Phillip Lim.

But you don’t have to go so big or bold in incorporating statement earrings into your style, whether its for day or night. You can still get the look with pieces that are lighter in weight and easier to wear. Here are some of our favourite earrings for the season: