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A couple great articles on cause marketing-related topics:


Broaches the question of when is cause marketing too much. An interesting read for companies.


A highlight from the article:

The Skeptical Consumer: As social media platforms continue to grow beyond their pre-teen years (Twitter was only being used by 12-14 percent of the population in early 2011), consumers will demand more transparency from corporations and nonprofits. My firm, Fenton, along with GlobeScanconducted a survey this year, and one of the most telling insights was the call for nonprofits and NGOs to engage directly with their donors and stakeholders. Additionally, smarter consumers now have online tools (BrandKarmaGoodGuidePositive Luxury, and more) to help them interact directly with organizations, track corporate practices, and share their demands in real-time with marketers. Those companies and nonprofits that invest in engaging with such consumers will reap benefits.