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  1. Start with Love: “Buy less stuff, but every single thing you buy, have it be amazing. Have it be useful or beautiful, or both. Have it fit. When everything just works, you’ll find you won’t even want more.”
  2. Shop Less
  3. Appreciate Independent Design (Internationally and locally)SAM_0300
  4. Practice Awareness: Broaden and deepen your awareness of practices in the fashion industry
  5. Try Jeggings: While you might not actually want to try jeggings, consider iterations to timeless design through technology, engineering and material advances. “Fashion can be relevant and timeless.”
  6. Clear out your closet
  7. Look for utility or look for indulgence. Accept nothing in between.
  8. Let go or take action: “Get your ill-fitting clothes tailored. Or don’t, and learn to let go”
  9. Wear more dresses: “If you’re not into dresses, wear whatever makes you happiest. Just do it.”
  10. Buy shoes that don’t kill your feet (because you will regret it later)
  11. Forget what you should wear. Wear what you want to wear (just don’t break work dress codes): “Because the more you define your material choices from the inside out rather than the outside in, the more authentic your style will be as a true expression of yourself.”
  12. Indulge in luxury