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Some MORE interesting statistics from a recent Canadian study that evaluate the preferences and perceptions of corporate charity in Canada:

Overall 85% of Canadians said that a commitment to social and environmental issues is important in deciding which companies they would want to see doing business in their community

  • This is slightly less important to Canadians when deciding which stocks or mutual funds to invest in. In this case fewer, 65%, said this was important to their decision and only 20% overall said this was very important in influencing their investment decisions.
  • Almost half, 48% ranked poverty among the top three causes [to support], 47% ranked education among the top three and 35% ranked the environment among the top three.
  • Four in ten Canadians said that the impact of  the cause is the most important thing for them to know about a company’s charitable work [when deciding whether to purchase a product for a cause]

Stay tuned for some more interesting statistics in our future blog posts!