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Fur is a big point of contention when it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion is the wearing of fur. Every celebrity falls for their glamour but the conditions that the animals are kept in and the cruelty involved in the creation of the pelts is nothing short of horrifying. Here is an excerpt:

“A few years ago, while stepping out in five metres and £99 worth of jagged acrylic fake fur, I stopped to pat an adorable angelic-faced long haired dachshund. My hand had barely reached his soft velvety ears when his owner tugged him back, almost lynching him, while yelping: “He doesn’t take kindly to those wearing his own kin.” I was so annoyed at her cheek that I took recourse in snark and said: “Really, are his kin sold by the metre? If I don’t put on rubber boots when Iwear this coat I spark like a Catherine wheel.”

My pavement adversary should have cause for concern today as there seems to be a wind of change blowing along the catwalk and out onto the streets, the whirling zeitgeist seems to be carrying away the old prejudices against the wearing of fur.

Look around – some of the most stylish and successful women are swathing themselves in mink and sable. Kate Moss has just been seen strutting through Notting Hill in a duck egg blue, three-quarter length Fendi mink coat. Lady Gaga, who previously insisted on a chat show that she would never wear fur, recently spent £130,000 on two fur coats while shopping in Moscow then tweeted to her 20 million followers that it was, effectively real fur: “For those press and such who are writing about whether or not my fur is actually real please don’t forget to credit the designer Hermes.” Hermes does not trade in fakes. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are also getting under the collars of protestors.

They are not alone. For every celebrity wrapping themselves in animal pelts, there are tens of thousands of members of the public.”

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