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As we celebrate the upcoming Earth Day, we thought it would be great to look at interesting movement in the environmental space. Stay tuned for our article series titled “Earth Day Everyday” for stories, tips and trends related to sustainability and the environment.


One exciting trend we have noticed is the growing governmental encouragement for the use of solar power in many states in India. In fact, some state governments is encouraging net metering facilities, which provide consumers to generate solar power for self-consumption and feeding excess power into the grid. These solar PV plants can be set up in unutilized places such as roof-tops, dump sites, residential buildings, offices and other institutions.

main11To further encourage this trend, the national government is providing a subsidy of up to 30% of the cost of the panel with a capacity of up to 500 KW without battery power.

In a country that has faced a constant struggle with providing electricity to its vast growing populous, could solar and other forms of alternative energy be the sustainable solution to providing energy to even the most rural parts of the nation? With governments backing such projects, and the general public becoming more aware of environment implications of non-sustainable energy production, we are excited to continue following this trend.