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As we celebrate the upcoming Earth Day, we thought it would be great to look at interesting movement in the environmental space. Stay tuned for our article series titled “Earth Day Everyday” for stories, tips and trends related to sustainability and the environment.


“Leaf Lock” Bracelet – In The Making

The “Leaf Lock” Bracelet in our Bombshell Collection is handmade using recycled bomb shell by underprivileged home-based artisans in Cambodia. Living in an underprivileged community with some professional training, these artisans are hand-crafting jewellery using bomb casings that are left-over Cambodian war remains.

To support these artisans in training, production and marketing their crafts in the global market, we are working with an organization in Cambodia who is also dedicated to making a change in the lives of home-based producers and has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. With this collaboration, we are making sure that these producers have access to regular work/employment, fair wages, education for their children, and future stability for themselves, their families and communities.


“Leaf Lock” Bracelet – 100% Recycled. 100% Ethically Hand-Made

Channelling trends for spring/summer 2013, this piece is not only environmentally-friendly and ethically-conscious but stylish, as well. For more fashion-forward ethically-made pieces, view the rest of our collections at http://www.shopanthropic.com.