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‘When Filipe Santos began teaching Social Enterprise at INSEAD in 2004 very few of his students had any interest in developing businesses which had a social impact. Now more than 30 percent of his students want to make a social difference. “The time is ripe for a new social impact model,” says Santos. “We see a lot of problems in developed and developing countries that are not being addressed by markets. It’s not just poverty, it’s about things breaking down around long-term unemployment, exclusion from society, healthcare. Problems that society and governments are not able to invest in. For me, social enterprise is the process of developing sustainable solutions for some of these neglected areas.”’

Read more: www.vccircle.com/news/general/2013/05/10/social-enterprise-sustainable

And if you are interested in a counter-argument, read: Why Your Social Enterprise Is Not Going to Save the World (www.csrwire.com/blog/posts/842-why-your-social-enterprise-is-not-going-to-save-the-world).