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The holidays are a time of celebration, of loved ones and of giving. During the holidays, no matter what religion or faith you choose to embrace, the idea of giving to one another is an overarching value. We gave to our loved ones, to our communities and to charity. In this way, we embrace humanity and celebrate our collective existence.

That being said, it is a times such as the holidays when we realize that there are many of us who can’t give because they need too much. There are mothers who are more worried about feeding their children then giving them the latest toys. There are children who would rather get the opportunity to go to school as opposed to some new technology. There are families who are more focused on their daily survival than how to give back to their communities.

This holiday season be generous, but also be sustainable. Think about how you can use your dollar to not only improve the lives of others, but make a sustainable, long-lasting difference. This holiday season we encourage you to shop ethical, shop wisely and enable change everywhere.