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Social enterprise is the new black, a trend gaining popularity through mass audience and celebrity power. With Lily Cole recently launching her social enterprise, Impossible.com, it appears that the mainstream audience is beginning to experience the social movement..

So is celebrity in social enterprise a good thing? Other celebrities such as Jaime Oliver are bringing social venture ideas that may have already been tried or implement, to the public audience who are more willing to embrace them when they come from a recognizable face. So it brings brand appeal. Celebrity in social enterprise helps build social enterprise into something that isn’t niche as more people are exposed to these ventures and ideas. With brand appeal, there is hope for a larger audience, a more sustainable movement and more potential capital.

But there are negatives. By bringing glamour and fame into the mix, can celebrity undercut the work that has been done to develop the communities and business models developed around social enterprise? This is the risk with bringing celebrity entrepreneurs into social enterprise mix.

While celebrities can use their power to do good, the social enterprise world must be wary of ensuring these ventures support the overall movement.