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This Valentine’s Day, the key to your significant other’s heart will be through social enterprise and ethical fashion. Think ethically made and/or eco-friendly when picking out gifts, or putting together an outfit for that special evening, which give in more ways then you could imagine. Here are 3 of our recommendations for perfect socially-conscious Valentine’s Day presents or for a Valentine’s Day outfit:

1) When you go out for the ultra-romantic candle-light dinner, go with the sturdy “Brocatto” Clutch is made of Brocade fabric made by a group of underprivileged women artisans in India. This clutch will add elegance and romanticism to any outfit.


2) For a more casual, fun Valentine’s celebration, consider the “Fire and Ice” Scarf, made of non-violent eco-friendly silk by fair trade artisans in Bangladesh. With a hint of red, there’s no way romance won’t bloom.


And if you are single and ready to mingle this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself or a friend to this excellent Valentine’s Day treat:

3) The “Bold Statement” Cuff that is handmade using recycled bomb shell by underprivileged home-based artisans in Cambodia. This cuff is sure to attract attention and pull together a gorgeous day-time or evening outfit.


Globallove Campaign

Just a reminder: Spread the word about social enterprise (#SocEnt) by sharing the #GlobalLove Campaign with your friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Purchase an ethically-made or fairtrade product, learn about social enterprise and share it through Twitter and Facebook.