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As we celebrate World Environment Day today – it is important to consider what we can do to help slow down the harmful affects our production practices have had on our global environment.

Ethical fashion can play a huge role in this mission.

With textiles and clothing/accessories production being a leading industry in many Asian and African countries, industry practices went unchecked in areas that did not have strict environmental regulationsfor many years. As global climate change continues to be a key topic of discussion for policymakers, corporations and individuals – many of these countries have strengthen their environmental stance and many corporations have tried to integrate sustainable practices into their supply chain.

That being said, the process is slow and climate change continues to rapidly affect every part of the world. As a consumer there is a lot we can still do – being eco-conscious in our shopping is one way. From the brands we endorse and the materials we wear to the plastic bags we carry our newly purchased garments in, the consumers vote is something that can revolutionize the industry. Most importantly, by counteracting the fast fashion movement, and choosing quality over quantity, we can send a powerful message to brands that try to exploit environments in developing countries such as Bangladesh.

So this is a reminder that consider what you wear and how that affects our rapidly changing planet the next time you step in your local mall or log on to your favourite online store.