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They are chic, versatile, large enough to carry all of your things, small enough to be carried easily and an elegant addition to any outfit. Envelope clutches are rapidly becoming the darling of the fashion accessory world.

We are excited to bring to you the newest pieces of our Silk & Coco collection – handmade eco-friendly jute envelope clutches from Bangladesh. Available in 2 unique designs, these clutches are not only fashionable but also ethically-made.


The “Chevron Jute Envelope Clutch” is made of natural jute fibre and natural jutton. Jute is a natural, highly affordable, versatile, biodegradable and renewable fibre. Jute is known to have characteristics like high intensity, long durability, fire and heat resistance, and silky luster & texture. The black and white chevron jute fabric has been custom-designed and hand-woven by Bangladeshi artisans.


The “Minimalist Jute Envelope Clutch” is also custom designed and made of natural jute fibre and natural jutton.

This clutches are made by a group of underprivileged women artisans in Bangladesh who have faced many adversities in their lives. Each artisan has a story of destitution and resilience, such as that of Jarna Das. Due to financial hardships, 26-year-old Jarna was not able to continue her schooling after grade 5. Since childhood, her mother and sister were involved in sewing jute bags and Jarna learned these skills from them. Now she is financially supporting her family of 8, alongside her mother and sister. Her story, like many others, makes the production of these products even more important and rewarding.

Weaving & Stiching

Meet our artisans weaving the Chevron Clutch fabric and stitching our clutches.

Now available at: http://shopanthropic.com/. For wholesale inquiries please contact: preeti@shopanthropic.com