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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has committed $4 million 11 socially conscious enterprise projects across the province. The contribution is being made from the Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund and is expected to leverage more than $6 million in investment from other sources, including the private sector.

 “A society where everyone has the opportunity to contribute in a positive way is the foundation of our future prosperity. We’re proud to invest in savvy entrepreneurs who will improve life for people in Ontario, while driving economic growth and creating jobs,” Wynne told the Economic Club of Canada in Thursday.

This investment ties into the government’s goal to make Ontario a leading region for social enterprise in North America and to help tackle some of Ontario’s pressing social issues. Social enterprises provide jobs and generate income, while achieving social, cultural, and/or environmental goals. Per Brad Duguid, Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure, there are now 10,000 such businesses in Ontario employing about 160,000 people.

We hope some of this funding touches the space of fashion and retail in Ontario, to help continue the move towards ethically-conscious enterprise.