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Earthday15As a throwback this Thursday and in honour of earth day which is about a month away, we thought we would dig up this old post to share some thoughts on how you can make Earth day, everyday:

“As we celebrate the upcoming Earth Day, we thought it would be great to look at interesting movement in the environmental space.

Today we thought we would draw up a list of excellent ways to celebrate Earth Day. Here goes:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Perhaps it’s time for some spring cleaning. Go through you old clothes, accessories, and athletic products and consider how you can recycle or reuse products you haven’t used in a while.

Shop Smart: Use reusable bags at grocery stores, shop local, shop ethical, avoid products with packaging that isn’t eco-friendly and shop smart.

Find Green ways to entertain yourself: Instead of going on an energy-sucking treadmill, go for a run outside. Instead of using the gas-guzzling car to go out, consider walking or using public transportation. Make the most of the good weather by doing things green.

Dress in Ethical Clothes and Accessories: Consider the clothes you wear and how they impact the lives of the artisans that produce them and the environment. Buy products made of recycled materials, sustainable fabrics, sustainable production processes and in fair trade conditions. Check out our lines of ethical products at http://shopanthropic.com.