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As we celebrate Earth Day 2015, we decided to highlight one way we choose to stay eco-conscious, while still providing quality, fashion-forward products through our various collections.

Collage JuteStraight from the jute fields to our Silk & Coco collection, our Jute Envelope clutches are made of natural jute fibre and natural jutton. te, a fibre that is also called ‘hessian’ in North America, is a natural, highly affordable, versatile, biodegradable and renewable fibre. Jute is known to have characteristics like high intensity, long durability, fire and heat resistance, and silky luster & texture. The clutches have been custom-designed and hand-woven by a group of underprivileged women artisans in Bangladesh who have faced many hardships in their lives.

From informal-to-formal, day-to-evening or spring to summer, these clutches are the perfect, environmentally-friendly addition to your closet.

Chevron Clutch

From informal-to-formal or day-to-evening

Minimalist clutch

From spring to summer

Happy Earth Day!