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1. Send charity holiday greetings: Many charities allow you to celebrate with a conscious by purchasing greeting cards for which the proceeds go to the causes they support. Be careful of what percent of proceeds go to the actual charity or cause! Also, consider how eco-friendly the paper used to make the card is.

2. Recycle your holiday cards: Instead of putting them in the trash, recycle cards or reuse their designs for decoration. Also, consider e-cards, emails or social media posts.

3. Don’t buy real Trees: Instead of cutting down trees, consider purchasing artificial trees (that often look extremely authentic). Given that you can reuse them year-after-year, you save money and maintenance time. If you do buy a real tree, consider buying one whose proceeds go to a worthy cause.

4. Buy local decorations: Re-use old decorations and consider buying any new ones from local crafts people.

5. Adopt a minimalist approach to wrapping: Instead of using tons of wrapping paper and tissue, consider using recycled papers, and simple DIY decorative touches.

6. Cook what you can eat: Reduce food-waste from your big Christmas dinners and plan your meals carefully. Consider purchasing fair trade, organic and local food.

7. Buy local and eco-friendly alcohol: Enough said here!

8.  Embrace ethical gifting and fashion: Consider ethical gifts and outfits this celebration season! Repurpose old outfits with accessories, consider eco-conscious or fair trade gifts and support companies that embrace social good.