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Valentine’s Day has come and gone but it doesn’t mean the love has to stop. This year, as you show your appreciation to your friends and loved ones, consider how you can be ethical and sustainable in your gifts and ideas.

The Beatles couldn’t have been more right they said, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Sometimes, it takes the kindness of a friend, or a stranger who chooses to become a friend, to help and individual get by:

  1. We at Shopanthropic believe that Valentine ’s Day is a chance to spread kindness not just to your special someone but to those who you have a chance to be friends to, in your own backyard or half-way around the world.
  2. We at Shopanthropic believe in the power of numbers. There’s a reason friends is plural. The more friends = the more help = a bigger difference.

Consider DIY, sustainable and ethical gifting ideas and celebrate love 365-days a year.