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As spring rolls around, we have been thinking about what a season really means for the socially-conscious world of fashion. With pre-seasons becoming an increasingly common addition to the typical Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collection cycles, the efficient management of scarce resources becomes a greater challenge.

Our view is that by reducing the number of collections and focusing more on designs with longevity, versatility and timeless appeal, fashionistas will be able to repurpose the same designs for longer periods of time. This would create less material waste and an increased focus on the actual value of fashion.

Of course the idea comes with its own share or criticisms. The first of which is the concern that a decreased number of collections annually will lead to decreased profits for designers. The second is the view that sustainability isn’t always on trend, a view found by recent studies. Therefore, the change of mentality around seasonality will not be an easy journey.

On one hand, designers must ensure they are producing items that have longevity and can withstand the test of time both due to design and quality, which would justify a higher price point. On the other hand, consumers must realize the value of eco-concious and sustainable materials that are made of good quality materials. This understanding will take a lot of designers pursuing this creative vision and a lot of consumers accepting it as the new norm.

Our collections are strongly designed around the theme of longevity, with quality made pieces that can transform from day-to-night, winter-to-summer and everything in between.

Until we see the minimization of seasonality on the run way, there is plenty consumers and designers can do to drive toward this movement. Designers can use materials and designs that are versatile and long-lasting. Consumers can purchase from designers who abide by these principles and ensure they take care of their garments and accessories in a manner that maximizes their life. In a recent blog and in blogs to come, we will highlight the proper way to take care of your jewellery and garments to protect them against the test of time.