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A common theme we have talked about in this blog is the concept of using purchasing power to make an impact – this is the basis of ethical fashion. Consumers – the ultimate users of fashion goods – have the ability to stand for what they believe in simply by how they spend.

We are witnessing a brilliant example of this concept in the current situation the Ivanka Trump brand finds itself in. With well-known retailers such as Nordstrom and TJ Maxx choosing to drop Ivanka Trump’s line, perhaps the popular vote is finding a new way to express itself. Per an article in The Wall Street Journal, sales of the fashion line declined 32% at Nordstrom in its last fiscal year, despite the fact that the chain’s overall sales rose. It was this sharp decline that resulted in Nordstrom dropping the line. Other stores such as Neiman Marcus, Sears and Kmart have also followed suit.

While the debate rages on in regards to the ethics of White House officials blatantly advocating for the commercial line and the overall motivations behind the decisions to drop the line itself, this is very obviously a conscious consumerism decision.

It is very powerful to see the impact that Tweets, hashtags and the fashionista dollar can have on commerce and society. I, for one, hope that trend continues…